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Equipment incl. Upgrade
Rubinarmband.png   Bracelets Saphirhalskette.png   Necklaces Smaragdohrringe.png   Earrings Prunkvoller Gürtel.png   Belts Qilinschuhe.png   Shoes Falkenschild.png   Shields

Bosstruhe.png   Chest Razador.png   Dungeons Mighty Ice Witch.png   Special Bosses Metinstein-Rufrolle.png   Metins Sensenmann.png   Bosses

Devil's Horn Armour.png   Armor Runenschwert.png   Weapon Tourmaline Bracelet.png   Bracelet Tourmaline Necklace.png   Necklace Tourmaline Earrings.png   Earring Rune Belt2.png   Belt Fire Shoes.png   Shoe Fear Mask.png   Helmet

Companions and helpful Items
Weißer Löwe-Siegel.png  Mounts Leonidas-Siegel.png  Pets Halbmondring.png  Rings Desert Warrior (Black).png  Costumes Mini Mohawk.png  Hairstyles Riptooth Blade.png  Weapon Skins Lord Sash (custom)H.png  Sashes

Class-Items incl. Upgrade
Onyx Plate Armor.png Lycan/armorDragon Lord.png Lycan/weaponsViridian Wood Helmet.png Lycan/helmet

Fallout Armor.png Warrior/armorRunenschwert.png Warrior/weaponsWar Master Helmet.png Warrior/helmet

Black Fire Armor.png Sura/armorDrachenzahnklinge.png Sura/weaponsMagic Helmet.png Sura/helmet

Night of Death Suit.png Ninja/armorPhoenix Bow.png Ninja/weaponsSpider Hood.png Ninja/helmet

Moon Clothing.png Shaman/armorLying Dragon Fan.png Shaman/weaponsSoul Shard Hat.png Shaman/helmet
Weltkarte blank.jpg
Ape Dungeons
Hasun Dong-Easy
Jungsun Dong-Normal
Sangsun Dong-Hard
Spider Caves
Spiders Dungeon
Spiders Dungeon 2
Spider Cave 3
Grotto of Exile
Grotto of Exile
Grotto of Exile V2
Sascha's Chamber
90er Maps
Cape Dragon Fire
Nephrite Bay
Thunder Mountains
Guatama Cliff
105er Maps
Mountain of the Ochoa
Enchanted Forest
Special Maps
Wedding Map
Guild War (Flag)
Orc Maze
Demon Tower
Spider Queen's Nest
Devil's Catacomb
Dragon Lair
Red Dragon Fortress
Nemere's Watchtower
Wu-Kongs Ape Temple
Root of Evil